T H E    B E A U T I F U L   L I F E

Filling the Earth
with the Knowledge of the Glory of God as Water Fills the Sea

What Is An 'Acts 4' Life

Living to experience the life described in Acts 4:23-37 - the Presence of God, intimacy with Him, surrender to Him, His miracles, signs, wonders, manifestations, unity and fellowship with the believers, and even rejoicing in persecution.


To fulfill our call in life - to grow in our knowledge of God and to make Him known, filling the Earth with God's glory.


Exploring the deeper life of walking and talking with our Creator, the One who loves us deeply and becoming what we were designed to be from before time - exactly like Christ, brand new people, God's offspring, empowered by His life, transformed by His nature and filled with the heart's desire to please Him.


Acts for life are exactly that - acts that position us to allow God to pour His supernatural life and power into our hearts and situations, and to overflow into the Earth around us.